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Tuki’s Story


We are a Husband and Wife team, Chris and Carissa with a little daughter Antonia.

I am a full time dreamer with huge ideas that Chris loves to make possible.

We own businesses together in the automotive and wedding/events industry, it was a natural fit to build this Mobile Bar with our combined skills and launch “Toast With Tuki” as her own identity.

While getting an ice cream one day at our local creamery we noticed the Tuk Tuk loaded with kids as a very popular jungle gym and photo opportunity. As the months went by and the 2am dreams of a Mobile Tuk Tuk Bar wouldn’t stop I (Carissa) could not let this go! So, we approached the owner of the creamery and with perfect timing we made the deal and brought ourselves a Tuk Tuk.

We got the Tuk Tuk back to our workshop to start on the build straight away with excitement. Unfortunately Chris could not see the full vision I had from my 2am dreams (understandable) so I cut the entire project out of cardboard and gave it to him, with full faith he could build it!

Chris and I have many classic cars, our tradition is to name them, this gives a sense of realness to our family, so we named her “Tuki” and yes she is a girl.

We have some amazing connections in the automotive industry so getting the right suppliers supporting us was by far the biggest help in the build. We had some trying times together as a very head strong couple and never back down attitude but we managed to get through it and love the outcome. There is nothing more special than someone asking about the build and been able to put your hand up and say yes this was us! Early mornings, Long nights and all weekends to pull it off and showcase such a unique and different project. This build came with no instructions or even pictures to research on how others are getting around the obstacle, we just put our brains together and worked at it like a puzzle.

We want nothing more than Tuki to be involved in love stories on your wedding day or support the local business trying to get themselves out there in the world and be part of your success story.

With Love,
Chris & Carissa